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How do you create a co-parent bond after divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Child Custody |

You do not want to lose your relationship with your children because of your divorce. To stay connected, you must work with your ex-spouse to agree on a co-parenting style.

HelpGuide explains how co-parents stay on the same page regarding their shared children. Learn how working with your former spouse helps your children and their peace of mind.

Put your hurt on the back burner

You may not feel great about the divorce or the reasons that led to it. As a co-parent, you must set your hurt and negative emotions aside. Think of your children and what they need for their post-divorce lives. Focusing on them may keep you from speaking or acting from a place of pain.

Keep your children out of it

With every decision you make concerning child custody, think about what most benefits your children. Avoid using your children as messengers between you and the other parent, and try not to speak ill of your ex around your children. You do not want your kids getting the wrong impression of you or themselves, as they may take your negative words personally.

Find an effective way to communicate with the other parent

You and the other parent need not become close friends to raise your children together, but it helps if the two of you know how to communicate healthily. If you have trouble talking with your ex, think of how you speak to a co-worker.

During conversations with your former spouse, aim to make requests rather than demands. Also, try to listen and hear as much as you speak.

You can help your children find their footing after divorce. Doing so likely involves finding a middle ground with your former marital partner.