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How can you reduce stress while discussing money and divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | High-Asset Divorce |

As with any divorce, the topic of money can be a stressful one where neither party knows how to approach it.

This is also true for high-asset divorces, which can make you both even more hesitant to talk about your income or assets during this process. Learning how to respectfully approach the topic can help you both stay respectful and focused.

Accept the stress

According to Psychology Today, being open to a stressful discussion is the first step to coming to an agreement. Before either of you begin to seriously talk, make sure to realize that this topic is one that will require you both to deal with big emotions.

It can help you to find a space or neutral area where you both feel comfortable while talking about this important aspect of your relationship. You may also need a third party there to help mediate, which can reduce tension between you two.

Focus on the future

Constantly bringing up old arguments or disagreements while talking with your ex-spouse can create an atmosphere of frustration and annoyance. This can ultimately be counteractive to your goal of figuring out how to divide up assets fairly with minimal stress.

Instead of focusing on the negative emotions of the past, look forward to the future. Come into each discussion ready to collaborate and work together.

Think about your own values

When it comes to talking to your ex-spouse about retirement accounts or shared businesses, you may have a different idea of where to go next. Being able to articulate your viewpoints calmly and respectfully can help you discuss money during a divorce.