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How may I receive part of my spouse’s investments during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Property Division |

New Jersey couples generally divide their marital assets fairly in divorce. Your settlement may include a fair share of the current value of your spouse’s investments.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance notes that if your spouse works in an executive-level position, he or she may have a deferred compensation plan. You may receive a portion of the value of the bonuses and stock options your spouse earned during your marriage.

How may I receive part of a compensation package?

Corporations often offer executives attractive bonuses such as restricted stock plans. More than 15 million talented employees receive deferred compensation packages. Employers offer the plans as incentives to motivate key team members.

Employees may not have the right to exercise their restricted stock bonuses until a future date. You may, however, add the stock’s current market value to your marital estate.

How may a spouse’s cryptocurrency affect a divorce?

As described by, cryptocurrency investments divide in divorce, but they may require some detective work to uncover. If you believe your soon-to-be ex-spouse has purchased or sold crypto assets, the court may need proof.

During a divorce, the discovery process requires spouses to disclose their financial statements. Signs of a spouse’s crypto trades may appear on tax returns and bank statements. The court may request information from software or hardware that houses a virtual wallet holding digital assets.

Garden State residents going through a divorce have a right to a fair share of marital assets. The assets may include earnings, bonuses and investments. Individuals with executive-level positions may negotiate giving up a portion of their future compensation to hang on to other valuable assets.