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How can parental alienation add to your stress after divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Child Custody |

While you may not expect it, tensions between you and your ex-spouse can affect more than just the two of you.

When you notice your children behaving oddly and showing signs of anger or frustration, you may wonder what is happening. One issue that some children go through is dealing with parental alienation from one of their co-parents.

Dealing with lies

According to Psychology Today, a co-parent trying to alienate your children away from you may say that you do not love them or that you caused the divorce. This kind of lie can make your children hesitate to talk to you or stay with you.

Not only can this be confusing to deal with, since you do not know the origin of these feelings at first, but you can also struggle to build a bond with your children in the future. The stress you feel from this problem can cause sleepless nights and physical or mental trouble.

Failing to spend time together

Another way parental alienation happens is when a co-parent hides important information about the children from you. This can include school recital dates or doctor’s visits.

You may not know about these events until they already passed. Not only can this make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, but it can also lead to a fractured bond with your children.

Struggling to connect

Your children may show outward dislike and even hatred for you or your side of the family due to your co-parent’s alienation. When this happens, you may not know how to react at first and could struggle to connect with your children emotionally.

Knowing the sources of this stress you feel during this time can help you fix parental alienation issues with your children.