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Factors used to determine a child’s best interests

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Child Custody |

If you are working through the divorce process and you have kids, it is pivotal to pay close attention to legal matters involving your children. Aside from child support, you should also carefully review custody issues, whether you want to pursue full custody, share joint custody with your child’s other parent or secure visitation rights.

It is important to review the unique details of your situation and factors that could impact the outcome of your case. For example, courts try to find outcomes that are in a child’s best interests, and you should take a look at the different factors they use when determining whether a custody arrangement serves the best interests of a child.

Health, safety and other aspects of a child’s best interests

The Child Welfare Information Gateway states that the process of determining if a custody decision is in a child’s best interests varies from state to state. In New Jersey, courts take family integrity into consideration and review whether a custody decision would result in a child becoming removed from their home. In addition, courts also strive to secure custody arrangements that protect children and promote their safety and health.

Reflecting on your child’s best interests

During the divorce process, it is pivotal to focus on working toward an outcome that serves your child’s best interests. If you find yourself in a custody battle, try to remain calm and gather evidence to help the court make a decision that safeguards your child’s well-being. Child custody matters can become particularly stressful and emotional, but it is essential to keep a positive attitude.