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How do you reduce stress during talks of divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | High-Asset Divorce |

Divorce always causes stress for every couple going through it, no matter how amiable they may remain.

This holds especially true for financial matters. Couples with a lot of assets or complex assets will often find themselves in the grip of stress. So how can they combat this stress?

Accept that stress is natural

Forbes discusses the financial impact of divorce. It is, for many people, a fairly significant thing to deal with. Because of that, it is only natural that stress will happen.

Make sure to acknowledge the fact that stress is an important part of the process, and not a part that anyone can get rid of easily. This will make it easier to negotiate and structure talks in neutral environments, so as to reduce stress further.

Prioritize your values

Two spouses might have entirely different viewpoints on what is important, what to focus on in divorce and how to handle the division of assets. It is important for a person to advocate for himself or herself while going through the divorce process.

This is where having a mediator on hand may come in the clutch, as they can help both parties work through the negotiation process without compromising their values.

Look at the future ahead

Though it is easier said than done, focusing on the past in this situation will only contribute to the pain. Instead of looking behind, look forward instead. Focus on the ideal life after divorce, and work in the present toward making that a reality.