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What is supervised visitation?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Child Custody |

If you are working through the process of ending your marriage, you might have a number of different legal issues to address. For example, you could have questions about your marital property or the ins and outs of how divorce works. If you have children, you likely have additional matters to go over, especially when it comes to child custody.

Whether you expect to have sole custody, share custody with your child’s other parent or spend time with your child through visitation, it is pivotal to review this issue carefully. In some instances, the court decides that supervised visitation is necessary to protect a child’s best interests.

An overview of supervised visitation

The New Jersey Courts reports that supervised visitation lets non-custodial parents spend time with their kids while a third party oversees the visit. This can benefit children by giving them the opportunity to maintain a relationship with their other parent in a safe setting. In addition, non-custodial parents can visit their children without worrying about the custodial parent or other parties interfering.

Student interns and trained volunteers keep an eye on children and parents during supervised visitation.

Dealing with supervised visitation

Sometimes, courts decide that supervised visitation serves the best interests of the child and custodial or non-custodial parents disagree with the decision. However, it is crucial for you to abide by the terms of the court order and have a clear understanding of your rights, whether you are a custodial parent or non-custodial parent spending time with your child through supervised visitation.