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Self-employment and child support payments

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | High-Asset Divorce |

Whether you are an entrepreneur, run a small business or do not have a typical job, it is especially important to understand how this could affect your child support payments. Following a high-asset divorce, some parents with a high net worth have unique challenges regarding child support. Aside from the possibility of significant obligations, some have to find different ways to pay child support since they do not have support automatically withheld from their paycheck like most parents.

It is critical for you to stay current on child support to avoid serious penalties, such as the loss of your passport, professional license or occupational license.

How can self-employed parents pay child support?

If you do not have child support payments taken out of your paycheck through income withholding, you have other options in this state. It is crucial to carefully go over different methods, focusing on convenience, fees, processing times and other factors. The New Jersey Department of Human Services covers other child support payment options, such as using your bank, credit card, debit card or PayPal account to pay online.

You can also pay support at kiosks around the state, through different third party services, in person at a child support office or via postal mail.

Which child support payment method is best?

With so many options, it is critical to find the payment method that works best for you. Some charge transaction fees and can take as long as seven business days to process your payments. Regardless of how you pay child support as a self-employed parent, it is essential to stay current.