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Requesting Alimony In A Divorce

Alimony is court-ordered financial support from one spouse to another after a separation or divorce. Maintaining the standard of living you enjoyed when married is a priority with the court. When facing separation or divorce, it is in your best interest to ensure you get the financial help you need. The Law Offices of J. P. Reilly, JR., Esquire PC offers exceptional representation involving alimony-related issues.

How Alimony Is Calculated

The court considers several things when determining if alimony is appropriate and how much alimony should be. There is not an exact set of circumstances that qualify a spouse for support and there is no formula to arrive at an amount for an alimony payment. However, there are several things the court considers when calculating an alimony payment:

  • Your standard of living while married
  • The length of your marriage
  • Your income relative to your spouse’s income

Often, the spouse required to pay will contest an alimony ruling. The Law Offices of J. P. Reilly, JR., Esquire PC works hard to present evidence to ensure that alimony payments are fair.

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