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Protecting Your Assets With A Premarital Agreement

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of divorce as their wedding day approaches, but premarital agreements are sometimes necessary to protect assets. Most premarital agreements concern family heirlooms, family-owned businesses or other multigenerational assets. Premarital agreements are also common among people entering relationships with children from previous relationships. They allow parents to make sure that certain assets are reserved for their children and will not be considered marital property.

Issues Addressed In Premarital Agreements

There are no real restrictions on what kind of assets can be included in a premarital agreement. However, most people choose high-value assets, assets with sentimental value and assets that have been in their family for multiple generations.

Assets commonly included in premarital agreements include:

  • Business interests
  • Specific investments
  • Trust assets
  • Homes or other types of property

Couples who enter into a premarital agreement are much less likely to find themselves in court fighting over the marital property in the event of a separation or divorce. As an experienced family law attorney, John P. Reilly, Jr., Esquire can help you draft an agreement that meets all legal requirements and minimizes any chance of litigation down the road.

Contact Divorce Attorney John P. Reilly

It is possible to set up a premarital agreement without involving an attorney, but these agreements are only enforceable if they meet all of the requirements laid out in the New Jersey Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. Premarital agreements are often very complex; to make sure your assets are properly protected, it is safer to consult with an attorney. To set up an appointment, call 856-843-8628 or fill out their online contact form. All communications are kept strictly confidential.